The MOJA Arts Festival is pleased to bestow awards on outstanding community leaders in recognition of their contributions to the region at this annual luncheon.

2020 Honorees

Ms. Minerva Brown King, Artist
Ms. Edna Edwards Williams, Contribution to MOJA
Ms. Wanda Wright Sheats, Education
Ms. Jacquetta Youngblood Amos – Government
Ms. Cheryl Mack, RN, Medicine
Mr. Larry Singletary, Jr., Outstanding College Student
Ms. Tylene Powell, Outstanding High School Student
Mr. Taylor Wright, Rising Star
Ms. Sandra Barnhardt, The Arts

2022 Honorees

Ms. Rochelle Green, Artist
Mr. Augustine “Gus” Olalere, Business
Ms. Marguerite Archie-Hudson, Civic/Community Service
Ms. Theresa Hilliard, Contribution to MOJA
Dr. Shawn Johnson, Education
Ms. Shernette Tolley, RN, Medicine
Ms. Tylene Powell, Outstanding College Student
Mr. Breon Owens, Outstanding HS Student, Male
Miss LaMauria Goodwin, Outstanding HS Student, Female
Rev. Eric S. C. Manning, Religion
Mu Alpha Chapter Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. – The Arts

Past Community Tribute Luncheon Honorees

Mr. Michael Allen, Government 2011
Ms. Elizabeth H. Alston, Education 2004
Mr. Marcus Amaker, Artist 2017
The Hon. Marjorie Amos-Frazier, Politics 1993
Ms. Elease Amos-Goodwin, Special Recognition Award 1997
Ms. S. Johari Andika, Contribution to MOJA 1998
Mr. Craig Ascue, Business 2016
Mr. Julius Ascue, Civic/Community Service 1999
Ms. Pearl V. Ascue, The Arts 2009
Ms. T. Christi Ascue Kershaw, Business 2016
Mr. Timothy Ascue, Civic/Community Service 1999
Mr. Alvin L. Ashby, Jr., Outstanding High School Student 2009
Mr. Perry Ashe, Artist 2001
Avery Research Center, Education 1997
Ms. Louise T. Barnes, Special Recognition Award 1997
Mr. Quentin Baxter, Artist 2005
Mr. Steve Bedard, Government 2018
Ms. Gloria M. Bell, Business 2005
Thaddeus J. Bell, M.D., Medicine 2006
Mr. Jermaine M. Benjamin, Business 2004
Ms. Camile Bibb, Outstanding College Student 2018
Dr. Alphonso R. Blake, Religion 1998
Mr. Landon Blakey, Outstanding High School Student 2012
Mr. Barney Blakeney, Media 2013
The Hon. Anne Francis Bleecker, Politics, Local 2006
Ms. Naomi Rosie Booker -Outstanding High School Student – Female 2019
Reverend Dr. Timothy J. Bowman, Religion 2013
The Honorable Floyd Breeland, State Politics 2003
Ms. Tyler Breeland, Outstanding High School Student 2010
Ms. Brittany Brooks, Exemplary High School Student 2006
Ms. Rodniqua Brothers, Outstanding High School Student 2012
Mr. Terry “Base” Bryant, Media 2002
Ms. Carolyn L. Brown, Government 1999
Ms. Carolyn Brown – Artist 2019
Mr. Earl Brown – Education 2019
Dr. Gwendolyn B. Brown, Medicine 1999
Mr. Howard N. Brown, Sr., The Arts 2000
Mrs. Jacqueline P. Brown, Education 2013
James E. Brown, D.D.S., Medicine 2002
Ms. Debbie Chatman Bryant DNP, Medicine 2013
Ms. Tammy McCottry Brown, Media 2008
Mr. Donald Cameron, Government 2012
Mr. Leroy Campbell, Artist 1999
Ms. Sandra W. Campbell, The Arts 1996
Mrs. Karole Turner Campbell, Artist, 2014
Ms. H. Gail Carson, Contributions to MOJA 2010
Rev. Deborah P. Carter, Religion 2005
Dr. Karen A. Chandler, Education 2008
Mr. Osei Terry Chandler, Contributions to MOJA 2009
Ms. Dorothy E. Chaplain, Medicine 1995
Charleston Alumnae Chapter Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, The Arts 2012
Charleston Chapter of Links, Inc., The Arts 1995
Dr. De Anna Ellington Cheek, Medicine 1994
Ms. Charity Chisolm, Outstanding High School Student 2008
The Choraliers Music Club, The Arts 1998
Mr. Jerome R. Clemons, Jr., Rising Star 2008
The Hon. James E. Clyburn, Special Recognition Award 1999
The Hon. Mignon Clyburn, Media 1998
Ms. Reckeeta Coakley, Exemplary Student 2005
Ms. Carolyn Murray Coaxum, Media 2006
Ms. Doris Coaxum, Education 2002
Ms. Rossie M. Colter, The Arts 2004
Ms. Arianna King Comer, Artist 2013
The Hon. Colleen Condon, Local Politics 2011
Dr. Ruby P. Cornwell, The Arts 1993
Ms. Patricia White Crawford, Government 2001
Ms. Beki Crowell, Artist 1998
The Hon. Henry E. Darby, Politics, Local 2007
Reverend Joseph A. Darby, Religion 2001
Ms. Terry Jones Davenport, Education 2011
Leonard Davis, DMD, Civic & Community Service 2011
Rev. Sidney E. Davis, Religion 1996
Elise Davis-McFarland, PhD, Education, 2014
Rev. Fred D. Dawson, Religion 1997
Col. Joseph Dawson, Ret., Education 2017
Deborah V. Deas, M.D., M.P.H., Medicine 2008
Ms. Emily DeCosta, The Arts 2005
Mr. Herbert A. DeCosta, Jr., Business 2002
Mr. Wilfred Delphin, The Arts 1994
Ms. Carlie Denson, Contribution to MOJA 2011
Mr. St. Julian Devine, Civic/Community Service 1993
Dr. Barbara D. Dilligard, Education 2000
Mr. Grant Domingo, Outstanding High School Student 2016
Rev. Ann Donald, Religion 2000
Mr. Hillary Douglas, Business 2005
W. Marvin Dulaney, P.h.D, Contribution to MOJA 2006
Rev. Alma Dungee, Civic/Community Service 2000
Ms. Vanessa Ellington – Government 2016
Mrs. Michele English-Watson, Education
Mr. James W. Etheredge, Government 1997
Mr. Sherman Evans, Contribution to MOJA 2001
The Hon. Yvonne D. Evans, Politics, Local 2009
Warachal E. Faison, M.D., The Arts and Medicine 2010

Mr. Justin Cornell Fenner, Exemplary Student 2006
Larry J. Ferguson, DMD, Medicine 2010
The Hon. Bernard R. Fielding, Local Politics 1998
The Hon. Herbert U. Fielding, Politics 1995
Mr. Mark Jeffrey Fielding, Jr. Exemplary Student 2005
Ms. Semaj Fielding – Outstanding College Student 2019
Ms. Clifford Fletcher, Media 2005
Marvella E. Ford, Ph.D., Medicine 2012
The Hon. Robert Ford, State Politics 2001
Mr. Richard Fordham, Jr., Media 2003
Mr. Delbert Foster, Education 2015
Dr. Cheri L. Franklin, Medicine 2016
Mr. Curtis Franks, The Arts 2013
Ms. Roberta M. Frasier, Education 2010
Mr. Joseph R. Frasier, Jr., Contribution to MOJA, 2014
Ms. Quinetha Fraiser, Rising Star 2015
Mr. Herb Frazier, Media 2010
Mr. Kevin D. Gadsden, Sr., Contribution to MOJA 2002
Ms. F. Renèe Gaters, Esq., The Arts 2001
Ms. Barbara Gathers, Civic & Community Service, 2014
Ms. Shaniece Gathers, Outstanding High School Student 2011
Rev. James S. Gallant, III, Religion 1995
Kenosha Gleaton, MD, Medicine 2018
Mr. Arthur L. Gilliard, Local Politics 2001
Mr. Alvin B. Glen – Artist 2016
Rev. Willis T. Goodwin, Religion 2004
Ms. Cecilia Gordon-Rogers, Civic/Community Service 1994
Bishop Z. L. Grady, Religion 2007
Miss Hallie Grant, Outstanding High School Student 2018
Ms. Claire Y. Green, Artist 2003
Mr. Frankie “The Big Bopper” Green, Media 2017
Reverend Donna E. Green, Religion 2012
Mr. Jonathan Green, Artist 2004
Mrs. Miriam Green, Business 2015
Ms. Miriam C. Green, Civic/Community Service 1997
Ms. Delores S. Greene, Civic/Community Service 2002
Ms. Shirley Greene, Media 2016
The Hon. William Dudley Gregorie, Politics, Local 2010
Rev. Leonard Q. Griffin, Religion 2008
The Hon. Lonnie Hamilton, III, Politics 1994
Ms. Madyson Harris – Outstanding High School Student 2016
Ms. Dorothy G. Harrison, Civic/Community Service 2005
Mr. Linda Harvey – The Arts 2019
Ms. Ilene McCray Harvey, Government 1998
Dr. Samuel Hazell, Medicine 1998
Ms. Sally Heineman, Special Recognition Award 2001
Ms. Francina Herne, Government 2005
Reverend Charles Heyward, Religion 2015
Mr. James Heyward, Jr., Government 2003
Ms. Radia Heyward, Rising Star 2017
Ms. L Monique Hill, Rising Star 2016
Rev. Willie James Hill, Religion 2016
Ms. Maranda Holmes, Civic/Community Service 1996
Mrs. Adrianne M. Holt, Business, 2014
Mr. L. J. Huger, Business 2012
Mr. Eugene C. Hunt, Education 1993
Ms. Carolyn Hunter, Business 2010
The Hon. Hilda Hutchinson-Jefferson, Contribution to MOJA 1993
The Hon. Curtis B. Inabinett, State Politics 2000
Ms. Starlene C. Israel, Contribution to MOJA 2005
Jack & Jill of America Inc. (Charleston Chapter), The Arts 2006
Ms. Christine O. Jackson, Civic/Community Service 1998
Ms. Delores Brown Jackson, Civic & Community Service 2013
Ms. Mary Jackson, Artist 1995
Mr. Nathaniel Jackson – Business 2019
Mr. Nathaniel Jackson, Civic & Community Business 2018

Ms. Runala Jaglal, Outstanding High School Student 2009
Mr. Raphael James, Media 2011
Ms. Charlotte Ascue Jenkins, Business 2004
Mr. M. Spencer Jenkins, Business 2004
Mr. Jermaine Jones, Media 2012
Ms. Savannah Jones – Media, 2015
Ms. Vivian E. Jones, The Arts 2002
Ms. Ruth Jordan, Politics-Local 2018
Ms. Mary Joseph, Business 2017
Ms. Vertelle A. Kenion, Contribution to MOJA 2017
Mr. George W. Kenny, Jr., Artist 2008
The Honorable Marlon Kimpson – Politics, State 2016
Mr. Arthur Lawrence, Civic & Community Service 2013
Ms. Mattese Lecque – Civic/Community Service 2019
Honorable James Lewis, Local Politics 2012
Mr. Leroy Lewis, Jr., Community Service 2008
Rev. Theodore R. Lewis, Jr., Religion 2003
The Hon. David Mack, III, State Politics 2002
Rev. Dr. Eric Mack, Politics-Local 2017
Ms. Joan Mack, Media 2007
Mr. Davis J. Marshall, Jr., Government 2000
The Hon. Daniel E. Martin, Sr., Local Politics 2000
Mr. Montez C. Martin, Jr., Government 2002
Sarbabi Masindet, MD, FACC, Medicine 2011
Ms. Debra F. Matthews, Government 2009
Ms. April Mazyck – Rising Star 2019
Rev. Edward A, McClain, Jr. Religion 2005
Mr. Jaymes McCloud, Outstanding High School Student 2010
Mr. Linard McCloud, Education 1998
Dr. Catherine M. McCottry, Medicine 2003
Ms. Catherine V.R. McCottry – Outstanding College Student 2016
Dr. Turner M. McCottry, Medicine 1996
Ms. Amber McCoy, Outstanding College Student 2012
Ms. Wendrah McCoy, Rising Star 2018
Mr. Jack A. McCray, Contribution to MOJA 1997
The Hon. Arthur C. McFarland, Civic/Community Service 2003
Ms. Andrewnetta “Ann” McGill, Media 2009
Ms. Maggie M. McGill, Politics 2004
Mr. Charles McKenzie, Business 2011
Dr. Stephen McLeod-Bryant, Medicine 2009
Mr. Otha Meadows, Civic & Community Service 2012
Ms. Jewell Miller Michael, Business 2006
Mr. Clay N. Middleton, Rising Star 2007
Reverend Dr. Kylon Middleton, Religion 2018
Jason T. Mikell, Esquire, Rising Star 2012
Mr. Michael K. Miller, Community Service 2009
Rev. Randolph Miller, Religion 2002
Ms. Wevonneda Minis – Media 2019
Mr. Bruce Mitchell, II, Outstanding High School Student 2014
Ms. Octavia Mitchell, Media, 2014
The Hon. Robert M. Mitchell, Politics, Local 2008
Ms. Vernesha Moore, Outstanding College Student 2015
Mr. Joey Morant, Contribution to MOJA 1999
Ms. Ellen Dressler Moryl, Special Recognition Award 1997
Ms. Loretta Mouzon, Media 2007
Rev. Charlie A. Murray – Religion 2019
Dr. Brenda Nelson, Civic and Community Service 2016
Mr. Steven I. Nelson, Outstanding College Student 2007
Ms. Barbara R. Nwokike, The Arts 2008
Mr. Chuma Nwokike, The Arts 1999
Ms. Rita Littles O’Neill, Media 2000
Mr. Aamon Oree, Outstanding College Student 2016
Ms. Jada E. Orr, Outstanding HS Student 2017
Ms. Noelle L. Orr, Rising Star 2006
Dr. Paula E. Orr, Medicine 2004
Ms. Yvonne Tolley Orr, Education 1995
Ms. Quiana Parler, Artist 2015
The Honorable Marvin R. Pendarvis, Politics-State 2018
The Hon. Clementa C. Pinckney, Politics, State 2006
Mr. William Pinder, Sr., Civic/Community 1995
Mr. Aaron Tobias Polkey ESQ., Rising Star 2005
Bernard E. Powers, Jr., Ph.D., Education 2012
Ms. Bev Prince-Muhammad, Contribution to MOJA 2012
Ms. Erica Prioleau-Taylor, Rising Star 2011
Ms. Saundra Williams Purvis, Contribution to MOJA
Ms. Joy S. Pryor, Artist 2009
Ms. Spencer Pryor, Media 2001
The Hon. Teddie E. Pryor, Sr., Politics, Local 2007
Mr. William Pugh, Outstanding High School Student 2015
Mr. John S. Purvis, Contributions to MOJA 2008
Mr. Angel R. Quintero, Contribution to MOJA 2003
Dr. Allen A. Rashford, Medicine 2000
Ms. HC Lucas Raymond, Contribution to MOJA 2013
Mr. Nicholas Raysor, Outstanding High School Student 2013
Mr. Harold Maurice Rhodes, IV Outstanding College Student 2013
Dr. Kevin Rice, Medicine 2015
The Hon. Joseph P. Riley, Jr., Special Recognition Award 1994
Mr. Modie L. Risher, Education 2007
Mr. David E. Rivers, Government 2007
The Late Fabian Rivers, Contribution to MOJA 1996
Mr. Oscar Rivers, Jr., Artist 2012
Mr. Darrell E. Robbins, Contribution to MOJA 1995
Kenneth Robinson, M.D., The Arts 2007
Ms. Martelle W. Robinson, Education 1999
Ms. Priscilla McCloud Robinson, Civic/Community Service 2004
Mr. Edwin Romaine, The Arts 1994
Ms. Margaret Hodges Rush, Local Politics 2002
Mr. Everard Rutledge, Civic/Comm. Service 2017
Mr. William “Bill” Saunders, Media 1997
Ms. Dorothy “Dot” Simmons Scott, Civic/Community Service 2006
Mr. John E. Scott, Business 2008
Mr. Leon Scott, Business 2009
The Hon.Tim Scott, Politics, Local 2008
Ms. Annabell Seabrook – Contribution to MOJA 2016
Ms. Cherry Seabrook, Medicine 2017
Dr. Marlene O’Bryant Seabrook, Artist 2000
Ms. Terry Seabrook, Civic/Community 2001
Ms. Fouchena E. Sheppard, The Arts 1996
Ms. Elena Shakur, Artist 2002
Ms. Lois A. Simms, Education 2003
Ms. Gaylyn Singletary, Outstanding College Student 2017
Mr. Ke’Von Singleton – Outstanding High School – Male 2019
Ms. Francina Smalls-Kobus – Contribution to MOJA 2019
Ms. Deona J. Smith, Rising Star 2013
Ms. Patrice Smith, Media 2004
Ms. Harriet G. Simpson, Education 1994
Mr. Charlton Singleton, Artist 2011
Sabra Slaughter, M.D., Medicine 2007
Maxine Smith, Ed.D, Civic & Community Service 2010
Mr. Theron Snype, Government 2015
Ms. Tessa Spencer, Media 2012
Ms. Ida Johnson Spruill, Medicine 1997
Ms. Hermine P. Stanyard, The Arts 1997
Ms. Zaria Omega Stewart, Outstanding High School Student 2014
Mr. Paul Stoney, Civic & Community Service, 2015
Rev. Dr. William Swinton, Jr., Religion 2011
Rev. Dr. Herbert Temoney, Religion 2017
Ms. Geneene Thompson, Outstanding College Student 2010
Dr. Gwendolyn Todd-Jones, Medicine 1993
Ms. Vanessa Turner-Maybank, Government 2004
Ms. Joy Vandervort-Cobb, Artist 2018
The Voices of Deliverance, The Arts 2003
Ms. Lauren Waring, Rising Star 2010
The Hon. Louis L. Waring, Local Politics 2003
Mr. Perry Keith Waring, Business 2003
Reverend Alonzo Washington, Religion, 2014
The Hon. Maurice Washington, Politics 1996
The Hon. McKinley Washington, State Politics 1999
Mr. Nathaniel R. Washington, Education 1996
Mr. Robert Washington, Artist 1994
Ms. Marjory Wentworth, The Arts 2015
Mr. Michael Whack, Politics (Local) 2014
Ms. Harriet White Wilder, Education 2001
The Hon. J. Seth Whipper, Politics 2005
Mr. Jasiri L. K. Whipper (Posthumously), Rising Star 2009
The Hon. Lucille S. Whipper, State Politics 1998
Ms. D’Jaris D. Whipper-Lewis, Artist 2010
Ms. Nakia Wigfall, Artist 2007
Mr. Henry Williams, Business 2013
The Honorable Rodney Williams, Politics, Local 2016
Dr. Patricia Williams Lessane, Education 2016
Brother Dallas H. Wilson, Jr., Religion 1999
Ms. Brenda Wright, Education 2005
Ms. Dorothy Brunson Wright, Artist 1993
Mr. John Christopher Wright, Outstanding High School Student 2018
Art Forms & Theatre Concepts, The Arts 2017
Gamma XI Omega Chapter Alpha Kappa Alpha Sororities 2018
Tri-County Black Nurses Association, Medicine 2014
W.M. Smith-McNeal Funeral Home, Business 2018

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