Melanie Thornton

Singer (La Bouche)
Melanie Thornton was born on May 13, 1967, in Charleston, South Carolina. She began studying music at an early age. She grew up listening to Aretha Franklin and Roberta Flack. She financed her college studies with appearances in talent shows and smaller band concerts. She frequented a club called the “The Peacock Lounge” and participated in jam sessions when the live band invited people up to sing. Determined to have a career in music, after she graduated college, she moved to Germany to give their nightclub circuit a try. She started providing guest vocals jobs for dance records. Soon after she found fame in the mid 1990s as the face and voice behind Eurodance band called La Bouche. The group’s most notable singles were “Be My Lover” and “Sweet Dreams”. Miss Thornton died in a plane crash the night of November 24, 2001, near Zurich, Switzerland at the age of 34. Thornton had given her final performance in Leipzig and immediately afterwards took the flight from Berlin to Zurich for upcoming radio and TV appearances to promote her new single and album. Sources: and

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