Chubby Checker was born Ernest Evans on October 3, 1941 in Spring Gully, South Carolina and raised in Philadelphia, PA. As a child his mother took him to see Sugar Child Robinson (a child piano prodigy) and Ernest Tubb (a famous country singer) and was so impressed that he vowed to enter show business. By age eleven, Mr. Evans formed a street corner harmony group and learned to play piano before he entered high school. While in high school, he entertained his classmates whenever he could. After school he would sing and crack jokes at his various jobs, where one of his managers called him “Chubby”. In June 1959, Evans recorded his version of “The Twist” and the song became a nationwide hit. Chubby Checker continued to record in the 1960 and popularized many dance styles, including the Twist, and the Pony. Evans has been married to Catharina Lodders since 1964 and he has four children.

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